Location Assessment- Sourcing In India

///Location Assessment- Sourcing In India

Location Assessment- Sourcing In India

In many ways, India can be described as a paradoxical nation of sorts. Popularly identified with buzz words such as ‘population’, ‘multitude of languages & religions’, ‘rich culture’, ‘scrumptious food’, ‘Yoga’, ‘Ayurveda’, ‘the number zero’ and with over 1.25 billion people, the country has transitioned to become the fourth largest economy in the world.

In particular, India’s emergence as one of the most popular outsourcing destinations globally has been remarkable with the country’s name being almost synonymous with the words ‘sourcing’ or ‘offshoring’. At the same time, this success is juxtaposed with numerous issues such as poverty, political turbulence and lack of good infrastructure.

It is interesting to note how India has managed to sustain its progress, especially in the outsourcing sector, amid such deep rooted problems, or is it reading too much into it? This paper provides an overview of India as a sourcing destination, its strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities that lay ahead.

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