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Real-Time Access to Verified & Reliable Data

Get an in-depth understanding of global suppliers and locations with immediate access to over 350 data elements specifically related to global services and sourcing for every supplier, city and country.

What’s Included?

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Deep dive view of 350+ data points, including key parameters for financial conditions, geo-political situation, scalability, and more


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Dynamic web interface with rich data visualization and easy-share


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Premier access to helpful resources and insightful points of view in the Supply Wisdom Knowledge Base




  • Improve risk monitoring and management
  • Enhance third party oversight, vendor management and governance
  • Input data into your own models to analyze trends and build forecasts
  • Compare key data points across targets to help in location and supplier selection process
  • A reliable source for comprehensive data & information for your next report


Whether you need data for a one-time report to help with supplier or location assessment or ongoing data to help with proactive supply monitoring, SW Info gives you a deep dive view of 350+ data points for every supplier, city and country; including key parameters for financial conditions, geo-political situation, scalability, and more. No need to subscribe to multiple public and private data sources – SW Info is your one-stop shop for data and info related to global services and sourcing.


The dynamic web interface enables rich data visualization, including customizable tables and charts, to help you identify trends and draw meaningful conclusions. Sharing your findings is quick and easy with the Easy-Share feature, which allows you to download and share reports, in whole or in part, with relevant team members.

Real-time notifications keep clients up-to-date on breaking news and developments on the global services front.