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Supply WisdomSM is a cloud-based data, alerts and guidance solution that enables companies to proactively monitor locations and suppliers in their global services supply chain in order to make rapid, informed decisions about sourcing, third-party oversight, location selection, vendor management and ongoing governance


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Featured Insights

Q4 2016, Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index

Q4 2016 Supply Wisdom Monitor: Country Risk Index covers global outsourcing markets and ranks key locations based o...

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The Philippines: Assessment of Outsourcing Industry – Risks and Opportunities

In early 1990s, when the concept of outsourcing was officially formulated as a “Business Strategy”, the attent...

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Real Time Risk Monitoring for Effective Risk Management

What does Q3 2016 look like? How do your favorite sourcing hubs fare? How have the risks and opportunities varied i...

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Nearshoring in Mexico – Right Across The Border

The rise of Mexico as an outsourcing destination over the last decade has been tremendous. And its close proximity...

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